Moidart is a district of approximately 80 square miles situated in the West Lochaber local government area to the west of Fort William and bounded by the sea. The distinctiveness of the district is long recognised by its traditional Gaelic name descending from Old Norse. Much of its character derives from its peninsular topography, with the freshwater Loch Shiel forming a south-east boundary, the sea and sea-loch Loch Moidart forming a western boundary and the sea-loch Loch Ailort and freshwater Loch Eilt forming boundaries to the north. Known also to tradition as the ‘Rough Bounds’, Moidart largely comprises steep and rugged terrain rising to well over 800 m above sea level but includes areas devoted to hill and low-ground farming, crofting, forestry and other aspects of rural industry and livestock management which sustain a modest population. Deer management is a key part of a mix of activities and management regimes.